automobile more than an industry in vehicle cradle changchun

changchun – rare snap shots, real files and sensible miniatures — for automobile fanatics it’s a exquisite opportunity to visit an inner museum in the birthplace of china’s car industry changchun, capital city of northeast china’s jilin province.

the museum, which info the history of china’s car development for the reason that founding of the people’s republic of china in 1949, belongs to china faw institution co ltd. the changchun-headquartered conglomerate is considered one of china’s oldest and largest car manufacturers.

for yu hui, a narrator at the museum, her favourite item the various masses of collections is the one enshrined in the hall of the museum — a bronze miniature of the u . s . a .’s first domestic-made car — a jiefang-emblem truck made in 1956 via faw, then referred to as china first car works.

“i like its conventional look,” yu stated. “furthermore, as china’s first self-made car, it contains a lot importance and tells a story of starting from scratch.”

one of these experience of pleasure is palpable in changchun, china’s automobile cradle. as compared with different domestic automobile-making regions like shanghai, changchun has a deep-rooted vehicle culture.

sitting just in the back of the jiefang-brand truck miniature is another treasured enchantment of faw’s museum. it’s a tailor-made limited edition hongqi limousine, a logo beneath faw.

hongqi, which means “red flag” in chinese, has grown to be china’s iconic marque considering that its established order in 1958, thru years of limo services for country wide ceremonial occasions.

approximately 10 km far from faw’s car museum is a public exhibition center showcasing the development of hongqi, which has become a famous vacation spot for locals and tourists.

in 2021, the exhibition middle obtained more than 2,000 corporations of site visitors, totaling 53,800 human beings. t-shirts and other souvenirs with hongqi labels are hot sells.

“many traffic had been awed by the quick development of china’s home-made automobile brand,” stated yue songyan, a narrator at the exhibition middle. “hongqi’s upward push shows the can-do mind-set of chinese language humans.”

yue was a saleswoman for hongqi. “i notion hongqi’s motors especially appealed to center-elderly customers. however all through my sales work, i saw a growing interest in hongqi from the young generation.”

motors made by way of faw are common on changchun’s streets. most of the city’s taxis are an electric version made by using hongqi, which prices just a hundred and 20,000 yuan ($173,66).

both yu and yue grew up in households with at the least one member running within the automobile industry.

“it is like a history, and i’m excited that i’m able to bring it on on this manner,” yue said.

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